The animal
the lion is king as it developed its strength
The monkey climbs
The fish swims
The birds fly
Human beings were given a unique skill too. The reason we are in the position of power on the planet.
We know it is intelligence but do we know it's in the mind?
Some have figured it seems.

The lion hunts, the fish swims,the monkey climbs and swings.
What is it then that we do?
We do magick.
That's it. Pure and simple.

The ego isn't bad it's just growing. An adolescent.
Separated from its parent but not quite fully aware of its power.
The imagination and will is to us what the lions prowess is to nature.
But this power is hidden from us.

Tv and film "capture" our imagination.
Ever heard that saying before? Me too.
And capture it they do.
We gaze at the tv and think "wow. What imagination"
That is the biggest crime of all
Our actual true power is being taken from us
And we have no idea.

The lion looks on amazed.
And he thinks to himself

Don't curse it or abandon it. Bring it in as your friend. The mistake we make is to banish jealousy to the hounds below, but it can be one of the most useful tools.
If we accept that jealousy is simply the result of the projection of repressed desires, then we can think of jealousy as a wonderful soul-mirror containing the most valued of riches.
Feel the jealousy and enquire deep within as to what it means. Once you see that your jealousy is an inner battle against desires, the tension can be moved back to is rightful place...internally.
Then the task is to understand the strong attachment and want for the thing. If it is truly wished for then one should cast our spell to see how it feels.
Perhaps the reason jealousy is such a SIN is because it prevents the true self from achieving what it desires. Covered in jealousy , one can never see the truth and provide what is needed by the inner self. One can only be angry at others.
So take it back. Take it in. And decide if what…
Simple words
The simple words can shake her From her lips down to the core The place where boats once sailed with grace And soft shells draped in water danced their conclusion at the shore
We belong to one another But we belong to those alone Those who tread the path of darkness And those who's whispered words, deliver a light that lingers forever on
So fear not my child, my elder peace will come within Just ask and they shall bring The silence, calm and warmth That descends and at once fills 
When the water turns to face us And the shells begin to dance again
Come down to earth come down to earth And bring the treasures for which you searched Down here it's hard we know that's true The grit and dirt, the gates and guards The battles to lose and win pursued But We need you here and what you've got for all your strength With no earth is traction lost
Yes the dirt's slow And the mud is thick The walls are high You know because you built them brick by brick
We're not saying stay and never leave No one wants to clip your wings But bring it back and bring it down Work,work,work Don't keep your treasures so far off the ground
Your flight is good you've practiced well But the gift of air isn't for yourself We send them up to do their work But they must come back They must return
Set yourself graceful one. Hold it in. Fly high and know also that you're the lowest one.

"But it's so hard"
Yeah tell me about it.....
It's not just about gazing at stars

The law of positivity

Doubting myself and projecting it out
Attracting enemies within and without

Well haven't we done well? Western man... We have risen to incredible heights of understanding with matters of science and technology, and the result? I see few smiles...I see little vitality in the masses, with but the odd exception.   We did so well in our lust for understanding that at some point we rose above god, realizing like a young child does at some point that god / santa cannot be real. And with it went the element of faith in our makeup.... But as superbly smart as we may think we are- we have missed one essential question in the scientific experiment....what was the result?  I.e "Did life get better when we lost our faith"? Or is it so, that in killing God with "reason and fact", we killed off the spark that started our fire. Dogma aside - is the medicine of faith truly missing from our lives?  An essential element of the human condition that needs to return.  As a child, did life get better or worse with the understanding that Santa Claus wa…